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Sleep Debt Calculator: How Much Is Your Sleep Debt?

Everybody needs sleep. In fact, sleep is so important that neglecting it for a few days can have important consequences.

One way of trying to gauge if you are getting enough sleep is the concept of sleep debt. So do you know how much your sleep debt is? Read more

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Is Too Much Sleep Bad For You?

While the odd morning sleep-in feels like a much-needed treat, oversleeping can become a dangerous habit, one that has been linked to multiple medical conditions. If you think you may be overtired from getting too much sleep, try our helpful sleep-regulating tactics and discuss your sleep patterns with your physician. Read more


How Much Is Optimal?

How much sleep you need is one of the most common questions patients ask sleep specialist Dr. Rachel Morehouse, Medical Director, Atlantic Sleep Centre, St. John Regional Hospital, New Brunswick.

The answer, she says, depends on who you are. “It’s a very individual question. I can only give parameters; for example, 95 per cent of people your age need this much sleep.” Read more