How To Fall Asleep Fast: Sleep Tips To Try Tonight

Sometimes, switching off is easier said than done. No matter how tired you feel, drifting off to sleep just won’t happen. Thankfully there are all sorts of simple sleep tips to help you fall asleep – so take a look at the list and try them tonight to see which ones work for you. Read more


Sleep Tips: What To Do When You Can’t Sleep

Falling asleep can be tricky but here’s some tips that might aid in getting shut eye. Read more

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Best And Worst Foods To Help You Sleep

There are a lot of different factors which play a role in getting a good night’s sleep. But did you know that what you eat can potentially influence how much rest you get? If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, take a look at this list for ideas of foods that could help you sleep, as well as those you should avoid. Read more


Sleepless Capitals of Canada

What’s keeping Canada up at night? Read more

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Why Am I Always Tired? Four Causes of Tiredness

Always feeling tired? You’re not the only one. According to research produced by the CBC, nearly 58% of Canadians report feeling tired on a regular basis.[1] With more than half of the population struggling to feel rested, it is no wonder that many Canadians find themselves facing morning battles with the snooze button. Read more

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Does a Lack of Sleep Cause Acne?

Nearly 85% of people suffer from acne at some point in their lives. Generally associated with puberty, acne can in fact strike at any age. We now have evidence that lack of sleep contributes to adult acne, and skipping a few hours of sleep every night could be sabotaging your efforts to get rid of your pimples. Read more

Quit Smoking Sleep

How Does Quitting Smoking Affect Sleep?

If you’ve decided to quit smoking, you are probably well aware of a lot of the challenges you are about to face. But did you know that when you quit smoking, your sleep can be affected? Read on to find out how quitting smoking impacts sleep and what you can do to combat this effect. Read more


Can’t Stop Snoring? 8 Tips to Prevent Snoring

If your sleeping partner complains about your snoring, rest assured that you are in good company. According to Statistics Canada, as many as 33% of men and 25% of women snore on a regular basis. When you enter a state of deep sleep, your entire body relaxes. Read more

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes: Causes & Remedies for Tired Looking Eyes

Do you often wake up looking like you haven’t slept at all? Do you get comments such as “Wow, you look tired!” when you arrive at the office? Tired looking eyes are actually a very common problem – many people find that their eyes look tired even after a great night’s sleep. Read more


Gadgets, Apps, And Aids

The search for a good night’s sleep has launched many a creative idea. If you’re looking for ways to improve on your quality of sleep, here is a quick compilation of ideas, from the simple to the sophisticated, to get you started on your search for more rest. Read more

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Sleep Debt Calculator: How Much Is Your Sleep Debt?

Everybody needs sleep. In fact, sleep is so important that neglecting it for a few days can have important consequences.

One way of trying to gauge if you are getting enough sleep is the concept of sleep debt. So do you know how much your sleep debt is? Read more


What Is Sleep?

We spend roughly 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week, 240 hours a month, or 2,920 hours a year sleeping. But why do we sleep? Read more

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Sleep Music: How Music Helps You Sleep

There’s a good reason why we sing lullabies to help babies fall asleep. For many people, listening to music is a soothing, relaxing experience. These mood-altering properties are one reason why music can function as a sleep aid. But what is the science behind the relationship between music and sleep? Read more

best sleep positions for back pain

Best Sleep Position For Back Pain

Back pain, it seems, can be hard to avoid. Estimates suggest that worldwide as much as 80% of the adult population will experience lower back pain at least once during their lifetime.

If you have experienced back pain you may know firsthand how different positions can aggravate the condition and how back pain can itself hinder sleep. So are there any sleeping positions that are better for back pain sufferers? Read more

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Is Too Much Sleep Bad For You?

While the odd morning sleep-in feels like a much-needed treat, oversleeping can become a dangerous habit, one that has been linked to multiple medical conditions. If you think you may be overtired from getting too much sleep, try our helpful sleep-regulating tactics and discuss your sleep patterns with your physician. Read more

Monday morning again

Sleep Deprivation: Signs & Effects Of Lack Of Sleep

Are you suffering from sleep deprivation? If you’ve been forced to get by with less sleep recently, there’s a good chance you are.

Read on to learn about the importance of sleep, causes of sleep deprivation and the dangerous and wide reaching effects of sleep deprivation on the body. Read more


Sleep Routines

Meet Jen. She feels sleepy all day most days, falling asleep at work and on her bus ride home but then lies awake at night staring at the ceiling dreading another sleep-deprived day ahead. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. But what can you and Jen do to achieve sleeping success? Read more

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10 Tips To Fall Asleep

Tired of being tired? There are many things that you can try in order to improve your chances of getting sleep. From lifestyle changes to improving your sleeping environment, here are some ideas that may help you drift off to sleep. Read more


Sleep Patterns

Every 60-100 minutes we go through a cycle of four stages of sleep. Learn the tips and tricks to protect your sleep patterns. Read more


Facts Of Sleeplessness

Before Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb, people slept an average of 10 hours a night; today Americans average 6.9 hours of sleep on weeknights. Read more


From Pain To Peace

Pain can wreak havoc with falling asleep and enjoying a restorative night’s rest. Learn how to cope with pain that can interfere with your sleep and get back to sleep. Read more


Sleep Schedule: Be On Top Of Your Game

Planning a good sleep schedule should be a priority for your athletic training. Learn how exercise, good sleep habits and a planned sleep schedule can help you fall asleep when you can’t sleep at night. Read more


What’s Your Chronotype?

What chronotype are you? Do you wake up early or are you a night owl? Check out these tips for both night owls and early risers so you can sleep better at night by adjusting your sleep schedule. Read more


Solving Sleep Schedule Differences

Before you decide to have separate sleeping spaces consider these solutions. Start putting sleepless nights to rest. Read more


Taking A Siesta

Often considered unsuitable for all but the very old, the very young or the simply slothful, napping really doesn’t deserve its bad rap. Naps are good for us, mentally and physically. Practiced properly, napping can boost our reaction time and ability to concentrate and learn. Read more


Measuring A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial to your mental, emotional and physical health. Read more


Coping With Pain And Sleep

It may be a challenge but here are a few tips that can help you get comfortable. Read more


How To Overcome Sleep Jet Lag

Your body will readjust to the new time zone but there are ways to speed it up. Read more


Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

Your bedroom should be your personal sleep refuge, a place reserved mostly for nightly shut-eye. Read more


Sleep Specialist Explains How Electronics Can Keep You Awake

Your gadgets can interfere with you falling asleep. Read more


The Four Stages Of Sleep

It’s normal to cycle between the stages of sleep through out the night. Read more


Eat Right For A Good Sleep

People who don’t sleep enough have higher levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite, and lower levels of the hormone leptin, which tells your brain that you’re full. Learn how to eat right and get enough sleep to help curb your cravings. Read more


How Circadian Rhythm Works

We operate like clockwork thanks to our circadian rhythm. Learn more about circadian rhythm, how it controls your sleep-wake cycle, and how melatonin affects sleep. Read more


Night Shift Workers Have Sleep Challenges

Learn how to battle the challenges of sleeping during the day. Read more


How Much Is Optimal?

How much sleep you need is one of the most common questions patients ask sleep specialist Dr. Rachel Morehouse, Medical Director, Atlantic Sleep Centre, St. John Regional Hospital, New Brunswick.

The answer, she says, depends on who you are. “It’s a very individual question. I can only give parameters; for example, 95 per cent of people your age need this much sleep.” Read more